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Breakthrough Leadership

Breakthrough leaders understand not only how to lead others, but also how to lead themselves. They know that without strong emotional and moral competencies and intelligence that they will not optimally function. And they know that making decisions requires much considered thought. This program is designed for those who want to be active participants in taking their leadership skills to a new level. It’s designed for those who are ready to critically examine their own values and beliefs and learn tools for reframing their thinking on how to make better decisions.


This program contains five self-paced courses that, together, will help make you the breakthrough leader that you deserve to be. The program also includes an in-depth emotional intelligence assessment and coaching consultation with one of our think2perform advisors.


  • Course 1: Self Leadership
  • Course 2: Leading in Alignment
  • Course 3: Emotional Intelligence
  • Course 4: Decision Making
  • Course 5: Goal Setting

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